Aviation Credentialing System, ACS

Productive Solutions Aviation Credentialing System, ACS provides a rich and robust Connect-or framework that enables development of new connectors in an agile fashion. Each of these connectors enables a communication conduit with an application/system entity in the Productive Solutions Application ecosystem. This can be an entity in the IT enterprise a Biometric system for Enrollment Physical Security components (Access Control Systems, Video systems, etc.), External systems ( all DAC, Designated Aviation Channeler), Computer Based Training (CBT) systems, etc. The Productive Solutions platform comes with a built-in repertoire of connectors that enable connectivity to a myriad of systems. At the same time, connectors to new systems are built on a continuous basis expanding the range of systems that Productive Solutions Application suite can communicate with.

As a result of the nation’s current Threat Level for the aviation sector, Airports and Airlines are required to comply with strict policies, regulations and guidelines (49CFR Part 1542 – Airport Security, recent Security Directive 08G and FIPS 201) credentials for airport employees, airlines, tenant employees, contractors, and other frequent visitors to airports. Included in the process is the requirement to obtain fingerprint records (“biometric data”) and “biographic data”. Currently, most airports are using extensive manual processes and redundant entry into multiple systems to comply. These processes are expensive, time consuming, and error-prone. Errors in the process can result in a badge being improperly issued resulting in possible security breaches and/or costly disciplinary action from TSA. To ensure a cost effective and efficient workflow, the data collected must be properly integrated, packaged and forwarded to the proper entities for required background vetting. The Aviation Credentialing System, ACS from Productive Solutions addresses all of these issues, integrating existing systems and providing secure reliable software that will enhance security, compliance and allow your badging departments to operate at optimum efficiency levels.