Based in Reno, Nevada, Productive Solutions was founded in 1994 and is an industry leader in providing custom applications and system integration services for streamlining workflow processes. 

Productive Solutions has assisted regional transportation authorities with fare media pass production and personalized identification for over 17 years, and has also provided systems for point of sale, cash accounting, inventory control, tracking and reporting. Our experience in other industries includes solutions for time and attendance, access control, and providing interfaces to work with a variety of applications and environments.

Our solutions are based on a core software module that is customized for each client. This ensures a dependable and cost effective solution for:

  • Interfacing systems for better data sharing
  • Streamlining processes for improved efficiency, accuracy, tracking and reporting
  • Training and ongoing support to ensure consistent organization-wide use
  • Ensuring scalability for future expansions and needs

Productive Solution’s AFM system is a comprehensive solution for effectively managing all facets of transit fare media management, inventory, sales and accounting, and is authorized to seamlessly interface with most GFI Fare Structures.