Automated Identification Management System, AIMS

Productive Solutions Automated Identification Management System (AIMS) provides a powerful, flexible platform for managing your organization’s identification card program. AIMS helps you produce and track personalized ID cards. The application Utilizes the Microsoft .NET Framework and an MS SQL database for security, convenience and ease of interfacing to third-party programs. We offer fast generation of professional multipurpose IDs for use with our clients existing Time and Attendance, Access Control, and Point of sale systems.

With efficient photo capture, photo attach and signature capture features. Convenient reporting of badge status, cards issued, monthly new hires, etc. through MSSQL report writer. The system is easily configured for magnetic stripe, bar code, contactless smart card, iCLASS™ and MIFARE™ badges, including all necessary encoding and printing peripherals.

New Software

Automated ID Management System (AIMS) is the next version of badging software available now for our new and current clients. This version allows for the next generation of SQL servers and Microsoft operating systems. Now is the time to UPGRADE for all of our AB7 and UBE clients.