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Automated Fare Management, AFM System

Automated Fare Management, AFM System to Help Manage Your Agencies Fare Media

Productive Solutions, Automated Fare Management (AFM) system is a comprehensive ERP family of fare media management modules that collectively provide end-to-end controls for transit pass ticket stock.

The Automated Fare Management, AFM System is a comprehensive solution for effectively managing all facets of transit fare media management, distribution, and sales. It is comprised of several modules that can seamlessly work together or independently. Point of Sale ModuleInventory Control Module, Fare Media ID Encoding, and Printing Module, Account Based Order Management and AR Module, Pass Production and RPASS 3 Module. AFM is typically used by transit agencies relying on electronic ticketing for fare payment, including magnetic fare cards and smart cards. AFM permits end-to-end accounting and tracking of tickets from the time they are delivered by the manufacturer until they are sold at a retail outlet or vending machine. It includes automated billing processes, consolidated reporting, and monitoring and control of cash drawer operations.

Point of Sale Module

The Point Of Sale module eliminates manual recordkeeping – no more handwritten sales logs or manual entry of daily or weekly totals. All pass sales activity is recorded in real time in the sales database. Auditing is simplified – if desired, the reconciliation process can be completely paperless. A wide range of management reports can be generated with a few keystrokes.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control is a comprehensive application providing the ability to follow fare media from the time the passes are purchased from the supplier or the final sale to individuals, vendors or institutions. Processes with validation and batching of all pass inventory incoming pre-printed, pre-encoded passes and non-encoded smart cards. Monitoring of all inventory throughout fare media lifecycle using pre-encoded and printed serial numbers, on passes. Reports generated by item, location, serial number, sale location, and user.

Account Based Order Management and AR Module

The Account Based Order Management and AR Module accommodates the processing and accounting of sales to pre-qualified vendors, organizations and consignments. Includes the functionality for receipt of payments against existing invoices or receipt of payments for non-invoiced items. Standard options include accounts set up for terms, finance charges, monthly statements, and overdue notices. The system also includes deposit management tools, ledger aging, refunds and credit management, and custom reports.

AFM’s Accounts Receivable is based on Account-Based Order Management transactions. This includes the functionality for receipt of payments against existing invoices. Standard options include accounts set up for terms, discounts, monthly statements, and overdue notices. All vendor purchase orders, when processed, will generate distribution reports, packing slips and invoices. All payments and credits are managed in the accounts receivable portion of the system.

Fare Media ID Encoding and printing Module

Fare Media ID Encoding and printing Module, Flexible pass generation for any type of program. The riders data is collected in a secure application that records and updates all edits made to the record. Every Id cards that is printed is given a unique serial number and logged in the record holders account. The system has the ability to encode your Fare Structure for either Magnetic or Smart Cards as period passes so that they can be read on Fareboxes. These ID cards are made to last years.

Print and Encode:
PARA Transit /ADA ID’s
Employee ID/Passes
Retiree and Dependent passes
Reduced Fare ID Passes

Gain control of the distribution, ridership, and management of printed ID Passes. If an ID is lost or stolen the old pass is turned off. If the AFM Point Of Sale Module is purchased at the same time as Fare Media ID Module the system can be set up to keep records of pass sales to account holders.

Pass Production Module

The Pass Production Module enables agencies to print and encode from a menu of single or batch production, printing, and encoding or just encoding passes with sequential numbering.